Practice Areas

Banking and Finance Law

Legal consultancy and Drafting of Documents in Connection with Banking and Financial Transactions; Securitisation; Syndicated Loans and Other Financial Instruments; Re-financing; Legal Due Diligence

Capital Markets Law

Legal Consultancy in Respect to IPO & Adds-On, Listings, Prospectus; Legal Consultancy Services Related to Capital Markets; Representation before Regulator (HANFA)

Corporate & Commercial Law

General Corporate and Commercial Advice; Legal support in Everyday Business (Incorporation of Companies, Consultancy Related to Management and Supervision of Companies, Structuring and Presiding at Shareholders’ Meetings); Corporate Governance (Drawing of Corporate Deeds, Shareholders’ Agreements, Management and Supervisory Board by-Laws); Consultancy and Drafting of Commercial and Management Agreements; Restructuring and Liquidation

M&A and Takeover Law

Structuring, Legal Consultancy and Drafting of Deeds Related to M&A Transactions, Spin Offs, Public and Private Takeover Bids, Squeeze Outs, Privatizations; Legal Due Diligence; Drafting of Shareholders’ Agreements;

Competition and Antitrust Law

Merger Control Issues and Notifications to the State Regulator; Legal Consultancy in Respect to Antitrust Issues, (Vertical and Horizontal Integration) and Abuse of Dominant Position

Project Finance and Joint Ventures Law

Legal Consultancy Related to Structuring and Implementation of Project Finance, Public Private Partnerships (B.O.T. / B.O.O.T. Agreements, Concession Agreements)

Real Estate Law

Legal Consultancy Related to Property Development Projects (Shopping Malls, Business and Residential Buildings, Hotels and Marinas); Real Estate Purchase Agreements and Registration of Rights and Facts in the Land Registry; Residential and Commercial Leases; Building Right Agreements; Legal Due Diligence

Energy and Infrustructure Law

Legal Consultancy in Respect to Oil and Gas Investments, Infrastructure Projects, Renewable Energy Projects, Public Tenders, Concessions, Privatisations, Motorways, Regulatory Issues and Compliance; Legal Due Diligence; Representation before Regulator (HERA)

Labor Law

Legal Support and Advice to Business on a daily basis; Drafting of Internal Organisational Documents, Labour Contracts and Other Deeds; Representation in Collective Negotiations and Relations to Trade Unions; ESOP; Employment Litigation; Outsourcing; Representation before State Inspectorate

Intellectual Property Law

Representation before State Intellectual Property Office, CARnet, Administrative Court of Croatia; WIPO and Regular Courts; Trademark, Patent and Design Searches and Registrations; Licensing/Sublicensing Registrations and Transfer of Rights; Annulment and Revocation of Trademarks; Copyrights; Domain Names

Dispute Resolution, Arbitration

Representation in Commercial Disputes before Regular and Court of Arbitration and in Conciliation Procedures; Representation in Labour and Civil Law Disputes, Disputes before Administrative Court and Tax Authorities of the Republic of Croatia; Debt Collection and Enforcement Services

Enforcement, Bankruptcy and Restructuring Law

Enforcement, Bankruptcy; Restructuring

Telecommunication and Media Law

Telecommunication Projects; Consultancy Related to Regulatory Issues, Compliance, Licensing and Media Disputes; Data Protection

Insurance Law

Representation before Regulator; Legal Due Diligence; Consultancy Related to Insurance Agreements, Regulatory Issues, Insurance Products and Instruments; Representation in Insurance Disputes

Regulatory Law

Legal Consultancy and Representation before State Regulatory Agencies; Administrative Procedures

Consumer Protection and Product Liability Law

Daily Legal Support to Legal Entities in Business; Legal Consultancy Related to Compliance with Consumer Protection Act; Representation before competent Authorities